GDCON Executive Summary: Free Download!

It’s getting to be that time of year. A time when everyone is excited about the coming weeks, you get a chance to see your friends and daily office routines are a thing of the past and future. That’s right it’s about that time, GDCON 2011 is almost here! Don’t worry if you missed last years event in New York, you still have plenty of time to catch up with all of the presentations, speakers and sponsors. Simply download the GDCON Executive summary for in-depth coverage of the event , that will provide a great overview of what you missed, or may have forgot. This years event will broaden the Data Center horizons by encompassing more cloud and security topics, and focusing on innovations within the industry. Download the executive summary for FREE today by following the link Look Forward to seeing you there!


Ben Zvaifler

About Ben Zvaifler

Ben Zvaifler is the Director of Training and Business Development at GSMI. In his current position Ben manages the expansion and execution of the GSMI training division. Ben's responsibilities include research, program development and sales for both in-house and public training courses across GSMI’s portfolio. Courses currently in development include quality assurance and compliance, social media strategy and policy management, and performance management topics. Additional responsibilities include curriculum development, strategic partnerships, content management, blogging and business development.
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