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On November 3rd Facebook made it’s big Mobile Event announcement which included the new and improved Facebook Places featuring Deals. Facebook Deals made it into GSMI’s Top Ten Tuesday this week and today Deals is the topic for Thought Leader Thursday.

During the live event Facebook’s Director of Monetization, Tim Kendall and Emily White Senior Director of Local at Facebook gave listeners the inside scoop:

Tim Kendall told us the deals platform provides an “…ability for local business to be able to communicate with “me”…Enable merchants to push deals out to existing customers and hopefully attract proximate new customers….Imagine im walking down the street. With a combination of places and deals I can look and see restaurants are offering deals. I Can see bars offering free beer. If I’m tired and want to go to a coffee place and Sharps coffee has a deal…I click on it to see deal…click to check in….claim the deal…show last view to cashier and get my 50% deal off a cup of coffee.”

Sounds pretty cool right? Whether you’re a business wanting to attract new customers or a customer looking for the best deals in town, Facebook Places has really stepped up to the plate!

Emily White spoke after Kendall and told listeners that Facebook Deals “Solves an age old problem that businesses have…merchants are told “you need to be online” but they can’t figure out why….They care about getting more customers in their stores but don’t understand how being online makes that happen…Facebook Deals turns “fans” into real people and real dollars and a real experience.”

As innovative as Facebook Places Deals is, it’s just as easy to implement: Watch Facebook’s Video for quick and easy instructions

We think both Tim Kendall and Emily White are thought leaders in the mobile industry and that’s why they, along with Facebook Deals, made it into today’s Thought Leader Thursday post. Who do you think is a thought leader? 

Meaghan Edelstein

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