Lessons Learned: Think Like a Fashion Executive

The fashion industry’s ability to grow and jump on new trends year after year should serve as an inspiration to other companies. Though many of its most famous executives are not known for good business sense, executives can learn a lot from the challenges faced by fashion titans like the Versace family and Tommy Hilfiger. [...]

Use Fellowships as Recruiting Tools

Fellowships are common in the academic world, where they help students by paying them to study or work on special projects for a specific period of time. This type of award helps eager people learn and excel in specific skills. Businesses can establish fellowships or special programs to find new talent and engage in special [...]

Come Together in Harmony: Dealing with Mergers

Merging two companies should be a happy event. Mergers are an opportunity to increase growth and collaboration, but clients and employees may be afraid of the effects of a merger like the employees at American Airlines. These employees worried about the ramifications, like job loss. Meanwhile, clients may worry that the service quality may be [...]

10 Ways to Beat Procrastination

Procrastination. We have all fell victim to its grasp. With ever increasing digital distractions like social media and mobile apps, fighting the demons of procrastination can seem impossible. To you thwart distractions and increase productivity, here are 10 ways to beat procrastination. 1. Find a motivation friend. Having a friend to hold you accountable for [...]

Small Businesses Report Sharp Decrease in Hiring

Small businesses just aren’t hiring, according to startling figures released for March from the payroll company ADP. Small businesses added just 72,000 jobs in March, down from 76,000 in February and a stark contrast to the 113,000 hired in Nov. 2013, according to the ADP Small Business Report for March. Despite these numbers Mark Zandi, [...]

Join the Crowd: Don’t Overlook These Business Networking Groups

Local branches of business associations can give you a new perspective on business and encourage you to build new relationships and networking opportunities. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to attend every event and meeting, join a group and make time to read the newsletters, attend webinars and use their resources. If [...]

Risks and Rewards of Cloud Computing

For businesses that want to store and secure information, the cloud seems like a great option. Keeping data in a separate place offsite, where it is accessible by employees sounds like a dream. You don’t have to worry about strange space or physical security like assigning keys to people. Unfortunately, the cloud has its own [...]

The Top 3 Business Trends in Personal Care and Beauty Industry

Companies in the personal and beauty industry are used to constantly changing their products, facing tough competition, and promoting their brands online. The fact that old brands like Old Spice (now considering marketing new products to women)┬ásurvive and thrive should inspire all companies, not just those in the personal care and beauty industry. It’s easy [...]

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