Why You Need to Travel More Cautiously

As a business traveler, you have a lot of different things to worry about. Unfortunately, travel-related deception and changes can derail an otherwise mundane business trip. What many travelers don’t realize is how easy it is to be fooled into buying an overpriced flight and other issues. Here are some of the latest travel traps [...]

Benefits of Selling on the Go

Imagine increasing sales, reaching new customers, trying out new products in an unusual setting. Temporary pop-up retail shops give you the opportunity to do all of that wherever you want. Retailers are even experimenting with these types of stores to reach residents of Detroit. If your business needs to experiment with its products and demographics, [...]

Avoid the Dark Side of Leadership Part II

Leadership can sometimes bring out the worst in people. Even those who are experienced or very well-educated can still make big mistakes and bad decisions. In fact, toxic leadership may be the result of a personality/mental disorder, according to Harvard University researchers. These types of leaders have inconsistent rules and other traits that make working [...]

How to Manage the Risks of the Sharing Economy

Companies like Uber and Airbnb are facing a lot of legal issues and scrutiny because of how they use the shared economy. Broadly speaking, the sharing economy depends on third parties or contractors to perform critical parts of a service. In the case of Uber, anyone can sign up to be a driver and provide [...]

Fun in the Sun: Pros and Cons of Luxury Corporate Retreats Part 2

  A luxurious, entertaining corporate retreat shows employees you care, but these types of retreats can also raise questions and issues at work. Retreats are a time to get away from it all while working on establishing goals and rewarding employees. Though retreats should be a positive experience for all involved, a little foresight and [...]

Management Certification Options

A management certification could be just what you need to learn about new topics and strategies in the field of management. Many of these programs can give you a new perspective on subjects you didn’t know or refresh your memory and interest in a topic. Getting a postgraduate certification isn’t unusual. Many colleges have seen an [...]

Breaking the Law: Avoid HR Traps

Every day, there are managers who unknowingly break the law at work in the name of efficiency or saving money. Sometimes the drive to succeed can go too far. For example, the NFL was sued recently for the way it distributed painkillers for players, so they could keep playing through injuries. Though controversies like this [...]

Run Your Business Like a Franchise

Franchises provide a reliable, comfortable experience for customers. Franchising is an especially popular way to sell food or retail goods. This business model requires a lot of planning, documenting processes, and thorough training to employees. Unfortunately, many managers may not realize that operating this way can help them be more efficient and profitable, even if [...]

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